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A Handmade Picture-book. ~from the translator’s journal~

Today I received a wonderful gift just out of the blue! It was a handmade picture-book of our Foal series!

A Catholic faithful of Kawagoe Parish, knowing that a religious sister of Auxiliatrices (Enjo Shudokai) in Ichigaya did not have Internet, made a picture-book of FOAL AND THE ANGELS just for her sake. She downloaded the pictures from our website and pasted them on a sketch book together with the corresponding text passages from the books.
Unfortunately, this sister is now extremely ill in bed and since she is no longer able to look at the picture-book, she had it sent to me by some kind friend.
I had tears in my eyes when I looked at it and was so moved by the love this faithful must have had for this sister and for FOAL` s stories, so much so as to make a whole picture-book!! Incidentally, today is our Mother Mary’s Birthday!
I truly wish I could find out who she is and contact her (the faithful) to express my most heartfelt thanks! When I informed the author of the books about this (Nana F. Muzaka), she was also deeply moved and filled with gratefulness.
I would like to share here with you this absolutely wonderful picture-book, as I feel full of deep gratitude for this person who is still unknown to me.

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)