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From the translator’s journal ~Mom in my heart~

On a day in February, 2010,
Mom had a stroke.
I don’t remember the details.
I was just confused.

I visited her everyday for years
from Ebisu to Warabi.
Good old days somehow.

Even now I remember
not the daily life event,
but her silhouette.

Just lying down
unable to turn over in bed
without a word spoken.

She was there.
My heart was filled
with painful love.

In the rain, in winter, and
even in the heat of summer,
my feet moved toward her
who was waiting for me.

I think of those
who are not able to visit their loved ones
in this Pandemic.

It is truly a blessing
to have contact with friends.
(Feb.4, 2021)

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)