From the translator’s journal ~Time to reach out~

There are no might-have-beens in life
Everythig is HERE AND NOW.

So, I accept the reality
with gratitude and
do what I can Now.

Today I was told
I have cataract and
age-related maculopathy.

I now know the reason
why I can’t see things well.

I remember the time
when I lost my eyesight in Paris
due to an illness

I started on a journey there
to cure mysef alone.
What a wild attempt!

It was a journey of
learning helplessness
and the mercy of others.

I now feel the helping hands
and their prayers.

Look around, and
you will see the helping hands
anytime and anywhere.

The time to reach out has come!
(Apr. 13, 2021)

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)