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From the translator’s journal ~Resilience~

I believe in the resilience of creatures.
I believe I have it in me.

Nearly nine years ago,
I found a lump in the axilla.
It was a stage III breast cancer.

I underwent a removal surgery,
but no chemotherapy or radiotherapy
for fear of losing QOL.

I received microwave therapy and
did dietary therapy for 2 years, instead.
I am now well with no relaps or metastasis.

We have resilience.
It worked because I was sustained
by others, their prayers and love.

There was a person who told me about
microwave therapy and dietary therapy.
Her advice and prayers were so precious.

I am so grateful for her help.
I wonder how she is doing now.
Our encounter was such a blessing!

I trust my resilience in my sight as well
with gratitude for the blessing.
(Apr. 23, 2021)

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)