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From the translator’s journal ~Mystical power of music ②~

When I made a journey to Paris alone
with the ailment I had,
I fell unconscious
due to exhaustion.

My body was so cold then,
but I felt I was in a gold field of flowers
with eternal Light and warmth.

I recall now that
before I fell unconscious
I was listening to Sting’s “Fields of Gold.”
Without understanding the lyrics well,
I imagined a beautiful scene of gold fields.

And I was there in my fields of gold
when I lost consciousness.

It was a wondrous experience
to have such a sweet and warm feeling
in a state of unconsciousness.

I now feel the importance of
hearing beautiful music
for those who are sick in bed
as well for us to sleep in the night.

Beautiful melody has such a healing power!
(July 12, 2021, Feast of St. Veronica)

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)