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From the translator’s journal ~Mom’s diary~

Found Mom’s diary written
after her moving to a nursing home
at the age of 86.

Sadness and loneliness of aging
was written, which she didn’t tell me
when I visited her.

She wanted to have a cell-phone,
which we didn’t give her saying that
we would come often.

Yes, we did, but now I understand
how much she wanted it.
I regret that I didn’t give it to her…

Her shyness of a male help
at her bath time, and her
appreciation of the necessity;

Her gratitude for her private room
with the assistance when necessary.

Her diary was filled with gratitude
in a feeling of solitude.
She expressed it in her Haiku.

Can I have such a sense of gratitude
at the time of her age?
I think of her, who was full of gratefulness
at any time, in any situation…

I miss you, Mom.
(Dec. 31, 2021)

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)