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From the translator’s journal ~Memory of the future~

If I went to the final “future”
who would notice it?

My wish is that
it would be announced
in my blog.

I remember when
I almost went to the “future” in Paris.
It was truly an experience of Light.

The “future” must be a wonderful place,
so I felt,
being soaked in the warmth of Light.

When I woke up in a hospital
it was “today” I found, but
I was surrounded by the people of the “future”.

Among them, I found my soul friends,
Selma and Christine.
They had beautiful shining eyes.

The three of us gathered everyday
to pray and talk about Jesus,
forests, Sun, and spiritual matters.

To my amazement,
I communicated with them
perfectly in French.

The world of the “future”
is beyond the language!
It seemed to have been
the end of the Galaxy…
(January 30, 2022)

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)