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From the translator’s journal ~Coincidence by PC~

What happens twice will happen three times.

First time, Mom’s back pillow.
Second time, BOLD-HERE direction.
Third time, Publishing company for my blogs.

When my Mom suffered from back pain,
I had no idea what kind of pillow would help.
On the following day, on my PC
I found an advertisement for a pillow shop.

There was a photo of a huge back pillow.
I ordered it and when it arrived,
Thank God, it was perfect for my Mom!

Second time, BOLD-HERE direction.
When I was at a loss
to find the best words in Foal and the Angels,
a sentence zoomed up as if to say BOLD HERE:
Time and timeless all at once.

Third time, a publishing company for my blogs.
When I clicked the internet to find a company,
the first one caught my eyes as if to say WE DO!

I decided on the company right away.
And my blogs will soon be published by it.

All these were thanks to the coincidence brought by my PC.
(April 11, 2022)