Translator's blog

From the translator’s journal ~Nana in sickbed~

Nana is sleeping
in her favorite box
while I am writing this.

For how long
can I enjoy
this peaceful time?

Tomorrow will come
and the day after tomorrow, too,
with Nana.
So I hope.

Don’t be silly, Mom!
I won’t go yet,
I can’t go, leaving you, Mom,
said Nana.

Nana has a special sensibility,
different from human beings.

She must be seeing
many things intangible for me
with her uncanny feelings.

Knowing that she is
and will always be with me,
I am afraid the day will come
when I can’t touch her.

Don’t be hung up
with visible things, Mom!
You can feel me
even when you can’t touch.

Try to see with your heart,
not with your eyes,
then you will be OK, said Nana.
(April 25, 2022)