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From the translator’s journal ~Cognitive fragility~

Only sometimes,
I have a feeling that I am getting broken.
Not a feeling of a healthy person.

Different from a lapse of memory, or
a careless mistake.

Absence of a sound feeling of
memory, cognition and consciousness,
a natural feeling of a sound person.

Somehow it’s gone in an instance.
It would come back
after a while and I regain serenity.

But a strange feeling.
A cognitive fragility…

From the childhood
I have needed and relied on medication
to keep my QOL,
without knowing of the aftereffects.

The words QOL are quite new,
but I knew the essence already when I was so young
because of my poor health.

That may be the reason
why I have a feeling of closeness to God.

He is there,
beyond the cognitive fragility,
and, of course, He is HERE!
(July 5, 2022)