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From the translator’s journal ~I Am Still Near~

From the translator’s journal ~I Am Still Near~

I received a prayer card from my friend.
It sounds like the words of Jesus, but it’s
the words of someone who left his loved ones behind…

   *** *** *** ***

I Am Still Near

Death has taken me from this world,
and though we are apart, I am still near.
All that we meant to each other remains true,
in trust and faith, have no fear.

Keep me always close to your heart!
For I leave with you what no one can steal
a treasure chest of precious, happy memories:
the tender, love-filled moments we shared,
as well as the challenging times
that brought us closer together.

When you are in need,
speak to me, call my name.
I will come to you with wisdom and light,
to fill your soul with peace,
and to guide you in the pathways that
lead to life forever with our Loving God.

I also offer you this sacred promise:
when I am home in God’s embrace,
whenever you call on me,
I will still be present to you,
for neither death nor grave can break the
bonds of love that we on earth once knew.
(Oblate Missions)