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From the translator’s journal ~About “Tweets of a Soul”~

Recently I received the following comment on my blog books:
About “Tweets of a Soul”

It is an essay, including poems, written about the daily life events of the author from June 2020 to August 2022. Readers can imagine the feelings she experienced at the news of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Covid 19 vaccinations, and other topics she encountered daily. She shares with the readers her Christian faith by citing the words from Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling”. Her writing style is always calm and clear inviting the readers to her peaceful world. It includes also the theme of LIFE, which was based on her own experience to send off her parents: she was there alone at the time of their passing. She depicts well the last moment of her Dad and Mom respectively, which will encourage the readers who have similar experiences. Her suffering at the time of making the decision to stop gastronome of her mother; her spiritual journey toward the peace of mind through suffering and prayer is rather moving. The various themes she presents in this essay will surely give the readers the hints to think and live in this world of uncertainty.