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From the translator’s journal ~Safety and happiness~

Safety is happiness.
Is it true?

When the ordinary
becomes out-of-the ordinary,
the sense of happiness changes.

Even if not safe,
one will stay in the front
to be with the loved ones,
to protect the loved ones.

I follow the course of the war
on TV from the far end
where I enjoy safety and peace.

It’s hard to keep looking on,
but I need to keep my eyes on it
to remember what’s going on now
on the other side of the world.

So grateful to the reporters
and to the cameramen who are at the front
to tell us the reality of the war
and to give me an ache of happiness in peace.

I am praying for them
from this end of safety and peace,
imagining the people in the front.
(October 22, 2022)