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From the translator’s journal ~Rosary bracelet~

A small cross of a rosary bracelet
found on the floor of my flat entrance.

When was it apart from the bracelet?
I was going to wear it to the hospital.

Have no choice
but to wear the five decades
mother-pearl bracelet.

It is so precious that
I’ve seldom worn it for going out
for the past 50 years.

But I wear it every night
when I go to sleep.

When my daily use rosary was broken,
I felt as if my precious rosary was saying:
“Take me with you as I will protect you!”

My eye-surgery is over smoothly
thanks to the doctor and the staff.

We can see God’s face
everywhere in the hospital.
Hospital is such a wonderful place!
My gratitude to everyone
who supported me
through prayers as well!
(January 13, 2023)