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From the translator’s journal ~First reading after a while~

Spent a week of
doing nothing but rest
in a hospital room
for eye surgery.

With gratitude for
my eyesight without eye-patch,
I enjoyed reading a book
titled “Siddhartha”
by Hermann Hesse.

I have read it once
in English, about 50 years ago
while I was studying in the US.

I was moved then profoundly.
The impression has never changed
even after 50 years.

While reading it
I was reminded of
the book by Somerset Maugham:
“Princess September and the Nightingale”.

Both books depict
the essence of freedom,
so I feel.

I have a freedom
to enter into a Golden cage
and out from it
with my own will.

I am so grateful
for this freedom.
Thank you, God!
(January 16, 2023)