Translator's blog

From the translator’s journal ~Fact and truth~

Is there any truth
without knowing the facts?

Yearning to know the truth,
I am afraid of knowing the facts
through TV and newspapers.

The yearning for the truth and
the fear for realizing the facts
conflict with each other.

Having little energy
due to aging and unwellness,
I have lost the courage
to face the reality.

But I try to imagine
hunger and cold
with the risk of safety
in the areas of disaster and war.

I feel guilty for
my safety at home
with food and warmth.

With gratitude for
this safety
I wonder for how long
it will last…

For how long
I will enjoy
this peaceful life…

For how long
will it be given to me
while others
are suffering out there?

How can I be with them,
in soul? in prayer?
How can I share
their suffering, Oh Lord?
(February 18, 2023)