Translator's blog

From the translator’s journal ~Crawling on the ground~

Crippled men
appears often in the Bible.
The crippled
who crawl on the ground.

First time in my life
I feel I can understand
their pain,
but without sadness.

I fell off the stairway
at the railway station
yesterday evening.

I had my left ankle
twisted and broken.
Had a treatment at a hospital
and now I am back home.

Fortunately enough,
I can see and move
my hands to write my blogs.

How happy it is to
lead a normal life at home
even with some inconveniences!

I am grateful
for this happiness and safety
with regrets of my carelessness.

I am grateful
for those who helped me
at the station and the hospital.

Thank you, Lord, for
giving me the encounter
with those kind people!
(March 4, 2023)