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Translator’s comment – Foal III

Recently my dear Sister-friend passed away and, while thinking of her and wondering where her soul is now, I started reading again Foal III (Soul Retrieval and Soul Searching) which speaks of the author’s experiences with the’Dead’.
This Sister’s work in life was a true Soul Retrieval in itself, as she was an Auxiliatrice.
She must be leading now the wandering souls on the way to Heaven…I imagine.

Well, Foal himself is also, timidly at first, doing a “Soul Retrieval” in this book. How fearful it was for him! But there always was Angelic help.
As the scene where a man was drowned in his car by the overflowing waters reminded me of the recent hideous floods in Western Japan, I read it with a spontaneous prayer from my heart.
A prayer for the ‘wandering souls’ was given to Foal, and I could imagine that they were all lifted in an eternal wing with the light of God and the grace of light. It gave me a glimpse that The Land of the Dead is alive beyond our imagination, that “Spirit is attracted to Light because Spirit is Light” and that “according to the brightness of the Light, different planes of dimensions open up and unravel.” Although I always somehow expected the Afterlife to be filled with Light, I now feel such expectation is not unreal.

And besides, I often felt the wonder of “Presence” whenever I lost a loved one. I truly feel their presence, not absence, although they no longer exist… I feel sometimes they are so close even those who were physically far away in life.
The Wonder of Presence! It may be Omnipresence?… I would love to learn more about psychology and ontology if I had more energy…

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)