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From the translator’s journal ~ following my dreams ~

Thanks to the fine weather and the acupuncture treatment I have received for the past two months, I feel so good and am so grateful. With this gratefulness, I would like to share my dreams here with you.

To tell the truth, it has been my dream from the beginning to make Foal series into anime. The reason why I say “from the beginning” is that my sister-friend who first read the manuscript of FOAL AND THE ANGELS tweeted such words in her e-mail to me. She said: “The translated version of Foal and the Angels should be made into anime after the books have been available to the readers… this is my personal feeling.”

Her words are still resonating in my heart. And these words made me think…why not? Although the books are not really well circulated around yet, why not do my best to follow my heart and help my dreams come true? To make our dreams come true, we need first to spread the word, tell our dream to others, share our hopes with friends and people around us. We need to be intrepid and even a little ambitious.
Among my friends who heard about my dream, one said “How about crowd-funding for animation?” What a brave idea!!! LOL! You may laugh at it! But happiness of the heart is the first step to realization of any dream!

Most probably it won’t be realized until I will have disappeared from this world. But I do not mind, and it is perfectly OK with me.
Someday, somewhere, someone will make it into anime… I believe that!! How wonderful it will be! Let’s dream together!

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)