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From the translator’s journal ~My tribute to a Sister~

Without publishing “Foal I” (Wisdom Comes Through, A Journey of Understanding), this website wouldn’t have existed. This thought makes me feel so grateful to a Sister who read the first manuscript of Foal I and gave me a positive comment on it before my meeting with the Gentosha Publishing Company. Her encouraging words were a big momentum to have the Foal Series published in Japan.
She passed away only three months after giving her comment, without seeing the published book. I would like to share her words with you below with deep gratitude to her:

“While reading Foal and the Angels, I discovered various themes such as theology, ontology, philosophy, psychology, cosmophysics, etc. It also reminded me of the Apocalypse, Divina Commedia, and Le Monde de Sophie (Sophie’s World) of Jostein Gaarder.
Although I felt unnatural and awkward toward the fantastic setting of the story based on a boy’s dreams, I was helped by the last chapter and the afterwords of the translator. However, unlike the wheel of life, the Christian concept of TIMELINE is showing our endless journey toward spiritual growth. In this sense, Foal and the Angels will give intellectual shock, impression, and stimulation to many people.
The translated version of Foal and the Angels should be made into anime after the books have been made available to the readers… this is my personal feeling.” Sr. Clare.

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)(June 25, 2020)