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Comment from the translator – Foal 1

On a Sunday afternoon of this very hot summer of 2020, I somehow took the book “Foal and the Angels” (Foal 1) Japanese version, which I translated, and started to read it.
I remember that I have had no time to enjoy reading the Foal series, as I was busy translating and checking the manuscript for publishing purposes. However, thanks to the quarantine and new norms obliged by Covid-19 and my poor health, I was given the free time for relaxation and for enjoying a casual reading of Foal 1.

My impression? Just WONDERFUL! What was wonderful? Love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, suffering/pain and other essential and universal elements are contained and explained by the Angels with simple but mysterious expressions.
Even the most philosophical and metaphysical matters are explained beautifully like poems and music, which indeed seems to be by the ANGELIC help! I was also amazed by the author’s English expressions while translating Foal 1, but now that I am reading the Japanese version again, I realize that the ANGELIC help was also there guiding and helping me with my own translation! Thank you, Angels, for your help!

I would like to add that while checking my translation I chanced upon a miracle?! Once.
When I was wondering about bolding an important sentence, the sentence ZOOMED UP toward me from the PC screen, as if saying “MAKE BOLD HERE”.
It was “Time and timeless are all at once.” Needless to say, I did it and it is now bold in the Japanese version as well!

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)