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Translator’s comment. Foal 2

With the uncanny feeling of being gently invited by the autumn wind, I started to read Foal 2.
Since I had just read Foal 1 at the end of August, I imagined this would be a simple continuation of Foal 1.
While reading it, the memory of those toilsome and struggling days of the translation came back to me, but it made this reading only more interesting and profound.

Experiences beyond any readers’ imagination appear one after the other, and I was fascinated by them.
It is just wonderful to find that they – the very parts which I struggled to understand and put into Japanese using my brain and thoughts with the help of Google search – reached my heart at such a deep level.
I focused on the wondrous mysteries of the universe and of LIFE as well as on the presence of the great Consciousness, while asking myself what scientists, physicists, or philosophers would think if they read this…

Although I have never experienced any OBEs, by reading this book I somehow could see how a shift to other dimensions of Life could bring an enormous change in human consciousness.
I am grateful that I was given a chance to see worlds which I would have never been able to see without translating this book. It made me realize the smallness of my world.
Truth is truly stranger than fiction!!!

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)