About our site

About our site

I would like to explain first about the reasons behind my intention to open this site and also about how “Foal and the Angels” Japanese version was born.

It was 10 months after I sent off my mother whom I was looking after for nearly 7 years when I picked up the book “Foal and the Angels” to read. Long before her passing, I got this book from my author friend, but I left it behind being too busy looking after my Mom.

When I finally had time and looked around, “Foal and the Angels” caught my eye as if saying ‘LOOK AT ME!’

The book was originally in English and since to me it has always come easier to read while translating, I started translating it right away and I was fascinated with the story and, next thing I know, it was a full translated book, “FOAL I”!

After Foal I, the stories continued and were sent to me one after another. I was fully immersed in the translation of these stories. And thanks to Gentosha Publishing Company, we could have Foal I, II and III published consecutively in two years.

The motivation of opening this site is from my desire to share these fascinating stories of Foal with as many people as possible, without holding them in my small world.

I would like to explain also my relationship with the author. I met her more than 40 years ago at the Franciscan Chapel Center, Roppongi, Tokyo through the introduction of an American priest who is now in heaven. Since then, living far away from each other, our relationship had been one of barely keeping in touch from time to time. It was FOAL AND THE ANGELS which re-established our old ties. Yes, it was Foal, the protagonist of the stories, who is the key player of our present friendship. For your information, Foal III is dedicated to the American priest whose birthday was April 28, the date of its publishing.

I sincerely hope the Foal series may be of some help to you also for deepening relationships and re-establishing old ties.

Teruko Yamakawa (translator)

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