About Foal and the Angels

About Foal and the Angels

This site is mainly about my experiences with dreams and astral projections (OBE), which led me to the writing of the Trilogy of FOAL and the Angels. But at the same time it is also filled with spiritual insights and inspirational quotes, although from time to time I will `sprinkle` it with some poetry, videos and anything that comes to my fancy … we must find time to play too, right ?
Hope you can find things you can identify with and relate to, but also hopefully things new to you, that have never been in your share of experience before.

In brief Foal and the Angels is the storytelling of how dreams and words heard in my head led me on a spiritual journey. And how important it is being in contact with our Inner Self who is definitely trying to connect with us through dreams and intuitions.

So now, a few resuming points about Foal :

  1. Foal and the Angels has the build of a story, almost fictional, but it is actually personal experience.
    The only difference is that this happened in the span of 6/7 years, but, for the sake of the story, I had to try and `condense` it as if it had happened in a short span of time.
  2. It is a kind of intensive course of wisdom, at least so it felt to me, which came through dreams, messages and voices.
    I called it Angels` School, but it is definitely not a religious book, nor is it about any particular faith or creed, even if `Angels` are there. In truth, every culture on Earth has a particular name for these `Essences` or `Higher Spiritual Energies` or whatever terminology we may like to use when referring to what/who generally goes by the term of `Angels`.
    Maybe these `Energy Beings` have no name, or maybe they have names that we cannot even pronounce, or cannot even start to imagine, because they are so out of our dimension of life that we cannot fathom their true reality.
  3. I felt this need to put it out in the world, not because it is unique, which is not (all these things must have been said over and over again in the centuries), but because it is so un-academic in style, that just anybody, even teenagers, hopefully, could easily read it. My hope is that Foal and the Angels will be read and loved not only by spiritually connected people, but also by the `layman`, and that this may be the beginning of an awakening for them too, as it was for me.

To sum up, “Foal and the Angels” is about a universal wisdom that all human beings have in their hearts, but sometimes it stays dormant. In a way, it is simply a sort of `wake-up-call`!

Nana F. Muzaka (aka:Foal)