How Andy Boerger and I met:

After my ‘Spiritual Awakening’ in 2004, I became interested in spiritual matters of any kind. I needed to understand what was happening to me.
Consequentially, Andy and I met at a spiritual conference in 2005. We became friends and as I asked him to paint my dreams, he willingly accepted.
For many years we would meet at a restaurant in Shinagawa Station and spend hours there , me talking about and describing my dreams, Andy taking sketches and putting up with all my many detailed requests.
I was always very fussy about my dreams, like this has to be more to the right or to the left or up or down. Really he was so patient and understanding every time. I am so thankful, Andy!

By the way, at that time I had not yet written Foal and the Angels, so this is the reason why in the paintings you will see a woman and not a boy. Also, I would like to add that the paintings of the dreams are not in the books, but for those interested they can be found here:
or here

Andy Boerger, beside being a wonderful painter, has also written several beautiful books for children.
Please, do check out his website. It will be worth it.

Nana F. Muzaka

Here is the link to Nana`s dreams by Andy Boerger.