Q&A Name of Angels

Most of the names of the Angels that you mention in your books are in the Bible.
How did you know Their names? Did you read any books about Them?

Well, I was born in a Catholic country, so yes, I knew the names of the Angels in our Christian tradition. In my humble opinion though, I believe that these Energy Beings would choose to come to us in the most familiar way possible, not to cause any fear. Therefore to me it made sense They would use familiar names from my Christian tradition. I also think though that if I had been born in a Muslim or Hinduist country, They would have used different names, related to the traditions of that particular country.

But I also made it a point to insert Angels with non-typical names such as Angel of Now, of Compassion etc.
This especially because I wanted this book meant not only for Christians but for just any person from any religious background (or not) in the world. This is supposed to be a Universal message, common to all Human Beings.
As far as books are concerned, unfortunately I must say that I have not read many religious books. As for the Bible, I have read the New Testament but not the Old Testament.