Q&A Patchwork of dreams

I heard that your dreams and messages did not come in a sequential order, and that you had to thread them all together in the form of a patchwork.
Can you tell us more about this process?

– From my personal experience and also from several of the messages received (especially Metatron) I have learnt that in non-physical dimensions time is not linear. So it would quite often happen that I received a dream that I could at first hardly decipher and then, even months later, I would get another dream (or message) explaining or making sense of the first dream.
By the way Foal does talk about it in Foal 1, even boldly asking God Supreme about it. (pg. 45, 46 in Foal 1, English version).
The same happened several times with the messages.

So when I started writing this book I had to take care of making it as ‘linear’ as possible, in order for our human physical minds to make sense of those experiences and fully understand their meanings.
So in this sense, yes, it was really a sort of ‘stitching’ or ‘patching’ pieces together.
As a result, the chronological order of the dreams and messages was changed when needed, but never any of the contents. It was beyond important to me to report them exactly as I experienced them.